About us

About us

I am a public speaker, who already had hosted multiple international conferences. With my team, I am successfully running a YouTube channel, an Instagram page and a blog page which all have thousands of views and hundreds of likes. With my expertise and the skills of my team, you have reached the right place to make your business grow.


With the already enhanced ingenuity for my passion, I give you MythClikz, a new team of professional marketeers, promoters, influencers, content-writers and branding servicess.

What can we do for You?

We will help you and your product reach the masses and create a brand for you.

We are a team of dedicated professionals working around branding and marketing. We at Mythclickz will help you advance your product, be it a new hotel or a fancy new clothing store, and reach the maximum exposure you deserve.

We have already created an impact within the community using our reach in nearly all of the social media. We are currently active on Instagram, with nearly 80 million active users in our country, YouTube, the most widely visited video website, Blogger, the leader in blogging sphere and are on the way to create even bigger world.

Why Hire Us ??

We are the people of different professions but united together because of our passion. This is the work we love to do and there will never be any compromises when you are loving what you do. We are local, we are small, we are at the level of our clientele providing the most personalised services you will ever need. 

Need Advice?

I and my team are here to help you in all your endeavours. You can consult us for any of your business-related queries 24/7. Contact us for a one-on-one session.